Branislav’s first contact with wine was a long time ago when he was just 11 years old. Recounting the experience, he says ‘my grandfather offered me a small glass of young and fresh Merlot which came from his own vineyard. I remember it very well, as a fresh fruity and very plummy.’

His grandfather owned a big vineyard in northern part of Serbia, which he and his two cousins inherited. His cousins still produce some red and rose wines but only for personal consumption.

He always knew he loved the wine industry and wanted to work within it and of course, London was the obvious choice for this!

Branislav has now been working at Bluebird for more than 13 years, where he has gained invaluable experience, working his way up through the ranks. Starting in the private membership club, then moving to the bar (by his own admission, ‘selling a lots of wine’), to then becoming a sommelier. More recently, he was promoted to wine manager of Bluebird, where he has a lot responsibilities; creating wine lists for the café & restaurant, running a wine shop, as well as organizing wine tastings and wine dinners.

He believes wine goes hand in hand with food and is a lover of all wine, especially French. If he had to pick a favourite grape variety, it would be Pinot Noir and Riesling…’but it’s very hard to choose!’

Branislav’s motto is IN VINO VERITAS…meaning ‘in wine there is truth’.