WHEN: 01-01-1970

When it comes to organising the “fun stuff” with the little ones, we all know there are days when pottery painting and cupcake making, and swimming with the Sharks doesn’t quite cut the mustard. The last thing we want is for you to be biting your beautiful nails over it!

We’re going to help you out – introducing to you our playtime partners in crime,  Captain Fantastic, offering you the best in children’s entertainment & parties in town. We salute you cap’n and on the 7th July we will be hosting a special event to launch their brilliant new mental health programme for little ones – so that we may all be mindful in the moment of mania..

On the day we will have on board a selection of games and talks for children & parents to celebrate and rasie awareness about the sensitive and sometimes overlooked matter of mental health among children and little’uns.

Order of events:

1:30-2:00 pm- Arrival and Mingle

2:00-2:15 pm– Wellbeing talk with company owners

2:15- 3:00 pm- Mindfulness and Wellbeing Magic party

3:00-3:30 pm- Disco for the children and activities for adults

3:30- 4:00 pm– Mingle and goodie bags

Tickets will cost £15 per child and includes food, a drink and party bag. There will be a bar and refreshments for parents on the day. 10% of ticket sales will be donated to Rays of Sunshine partner charity. Perfect for 5-10 yr olds.