WHEN: 01-01-1970

Our terrace has had a floral transformation to celebrate our summer in partnership with Mirabeau. Our Mirabeau meadow has been adored with  citrus trees, pink roses, hydrangeas and lavender transforming our terrace into a quintessential English Garden.

The meadow elements of the terrace match the flavours of the Mirabeau gin, which is a beautiful herbaceous-style dry gin, with floral elements and a burst of citrus. At its core Mirabeau Gin is a classic Dry Gin with a pale pink colour. Mirabeau has used a 100% grape-based neutral spirit which adds roundness and subtle fruitiness to the palate. Lemons and Coriander add layers of fresh citrus character.

Come down to enjoy the limited edition Mirabeau rosé gin cocktail menu and sip on their collection of rosé’s by the bottle.

See the full menu here.