‘Start the New Year with a fresh start to your day’

Here’s hoping that you all enjoyed a truly happy Christmas and that you don’t look too much like Santa as a result! A full beard may be in fashion for a little while yet, but if you have grown a waistline like Father Christmas, you may be looking for a cure for the seasonal excesses. A pudding is only for Christmas. The annual excuse is over and it is time to wish you a ‘green’ New Year. Healthy greens come in two shades – the vast outdoors and steamed spinach. I hate to be the bearer of ill tidings, but it is now time to cut back on the fabulous comfort foods that have spoilt our bodies in more ways than one over the festive season. But it’s not all bad news. With a little help from us here at Bluebird, a slim-line and nutritious diet can still be both delicious and exciting. Trust us!

Partnered with Rude health for our Porridge Pop up, we will be kicking of our ‘Go Green Month’ with an abundance of ideas sure to challenge your perceptions of healthy eating. In January, body heat is easier to acquire by warming up those lingering mince pies with a dollop of that cream at the back of the fridge. But hot food needn’t always be naughty food.

A steaming bowl of oats is still the perfect breakfast for the 21st century. Porridge is full of complex carbohydrates that get digested at a slower pace than simple carbs. This has the benefit of both fighting hunger pangs and keeping you energised for longer. Whole grains are also high in fibre, another substance that fills you up and prevents over-eating. Porridge contains vitamin A and calcium too. These are nutrients essential to the strengthening of teeth and bones, and also offer a boost to the immune system during the cold winter. Nothing defeats good dietary intentions like a common cold.

So why not try porridge yourself, and enjoy its many nutritional values as much as its wholesome taste? Don’t tell me… you haven’t got the time to be making porridge every morning, and quite frankly you wouldn’t know where to start with a packet of oats. No excuses… try the recipe below for an easy breakfast full of goodness, paired with an eating sensation sure to tantalise those taste buds.


Apple, Frozen Berries and Cinnamon Baked Oats


 ½  cup of frozen berries

1 apple cut into chunks

1 cup rolled oats

¼  cup Walnuts (optional)

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 cup oat/almond/soya milk

1 egg white

(optional- 1 teaspoon honey/sweetener- I think it’s sweet enough with the apple and berries, but for those of you with a super sweet tooth!…)

Coconut oil to grease baking dish

  1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and grease a small baking tray with a little coconut oil.
  2. Place the chopped apple in the baking dish, cover with foil and bake until they begin to soften (about 15 minutes- then remove and allow to cool)
  3. Over a low heat combine the berries, oats, cinnamon, egg white and milk until they form a creamy consistency. (add more milk if necessary)
  4. Pour the mixture over the cooled baked apples, giving it a stir so that the apples are distributed evenly, then pop back in the oven for 10 minutes, or until the centre is just about set.
  5. Once done, sprinkle a little more cinnamon and the walnuts on top and enjoy!


(If you don’t have time to wait for the apples to bake, you can alternatively grate in the apple and add to the rest of the mixture over a low heat. Then simply pop in the oven for ten minutes to finish off.)